How to evaluate the cost of your construction?

When building new, one of the biggest concerns is the cost of construction. Will it be higher than expected? How can you cope with the extra cost?

Here are a few tips to help you better understand your construction budget:
The first thing to consider, when determining the price of your construction, is the quality of the land. The quality of the land will determine whether or not a foundation slab will be installed to ensure the stability of the building. It is therefore essential that you obtain information and carry out a soil analysis. At Maisons Blavier, your construction advisor will help you with these steps and will support you with all his experience to give you advice on making the right choice for your plot.

The second important element in evaluating the cost of your construction is the quality of the finishes. To do this, simply compare the different specifications, which you will normally find on the builder's website. At Maisons Blavier, our specifications are among the most complete on the market. Moreover, although all the workstations at Maisons Blavier are fully customisable and made-to-measure, the materials predefined in the Maisons Blavier specifications are already of excellent quality.

At Maisons Blavier, there are no "hidden" extras. In fact, only the finishes that you have decided on and signed in good conscience are counted. This is a contractual commitment. So there are no surprises when you build your home.

> If you would like to have an initial overview of the budget bracket in which your construction will fall, you can consult the various inspiration models on the Maisons Blavier website.

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