Practical advice: maintain your PVC frames

PVC frames are easy to maintain with soapy water or common cleaning products. If heavy cleaning is required, use your own detergent.

Begin with a heavy WARNING: Do not treat the frames with alcohol, nitrocellulose varnishes, paint thinners or organic solvents such as acetone, methanol or methylene chloride. Cleaners containing abrasive elements are also not permitted!

Window cleaning
Clean the windows as often as you like. With clear water or non-alkaline products. You can also use neutral agents (without abrasive or fluorinated materials).

The extra tip: remove greasy stains using solvents such as acetone or ammonia. Caution: do not put any on seals, hardware and frame profiles.

Hardware maintenance
To ensure that the function of the fittings remains intact, at least once a year :

  • Use only acid-free or resin-free grease or oil;
  • Grease or oil all friction parts as well as the locking points;
  • Check the safety catching parts of the door leaves and, if necessary, have screws or parts replaced if worn;
  • When cleaning the fittings, use mild, pH-neutral cleaning agents in diluted form;
  • Do not use any aggressive acid-based cleaning or scouring agents, as they can attack the corrosion protection coating of the parts.
  • To maintain the surface quality of the parts, it is best to treat the surfaces of the fittings with silicone-free or acid-free oil after cleaning.

    Happy cleaning!

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